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I have a problem with hifax wear. What can I do?

This letter is compliments of HIPERFAX Inc.

The following text is dated 1/24/00, and is a collection of e-mail and phone communication between Paul Cyr from HIPERFAX Inc. and a customer Claude Demers of Richelieu, Quebec, who has worn 3 pairs of Yamaha OEM slides in 1200 kilometers (480 miles). He has just purchased a pair of Hiperfax and doesn't want to wear these out also.

Claude: I just bought a pair of hiperfax for my SRX700 2000. I have a lot of pressure on the front rail and in the first 1200 ki I changed the factory slides 3 times. Is it better to raise the front rail or lower the rear end? The deflection recommended 1 to 1 ½”. Is it better if I put more deflection? Thank you.

Paul: I called Claude and instructed him to shorten his front limiter strap, and to change the front idler wheels from 5.00" to 5.35" (Polaris) wheels. Also to adjust his track tension at least 1/2" looser than the factory specs. Claude discovered that I was bilingual (French/English) so his second e-mail sent to us on 2/26, was written in French.

Claude: Bonjour clause demers de richelieu les hiperfax vont tres bien ai 3000 ki pas dusure j ai mi Les rous de polaris sur mon SRX2000 sa va tres bien nous avont un site internet et j ai Passer les commertaire sur les hiperfax et donner le no de telephone il y en plusier qui Veulle commender vous aller avoir des vente dans le future merci de m avoir telephoner Pour me reseigner sur les roues j ai commender de coffey distibuting en ontario a plus tard claude.

Translation of Claude's e-mail: Good day, Claude Demers from Richelieu. The Hiperfax are doing very well. I have 3000 ki (1200 miles) with virtually no wear. I put the Polaris wheels on my SRX 2000 as you instructed. They work extremely well. We have posted comments about Hiperfax on out website with my phone number. We also anticipate more sales in the future. Thank you for you suspension tips. I have Purchased my slides from Coffey Distributing in Ontario. Later Claude.

Paul: Had Claude not communicated with us, he probably would have ruined the Hiperfax. The Yamaha SRX and Polaris RMK share top honors for excessive slide wear. To save weight Polaris left out the two idler wheels alongside the bottom of the front shock in the rear suspension of RMKs in 2000 and 2001. This seriously accelerates slide wear in that area. Some of these sleds will saw through a pair of slides in as little as 40 miles and occasionally ruin the slide rail as well. Reinstalling these idlers, about 5 pounds will save at least 100 pounds plus in resistance!!! As long as sled manufacturers keep altering rail angles, installing idler wheels that don't touch the track, not putting any (idlers) in high pressure points, and using tracks that limit airflow to the slides (narrow and or closed window tracks), slider problems will persist. Unless attempts are made to remedy the situation it makes little sense installing Hiperfax. Doing so only further frustrates the customer.

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