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POWER SHIFT Clutch Kits™ for Lynx models

SKU: lynx-clutch-kit


Get your horsepower to the ground with SLP Power Shift™ Clutch Kits! Countless hours of field testing go into each kit to ensure maximum horsepower transfer efficiency. Each kit contains the required components which may include: weights, springs, and a helix to make your sled perform at its peak.

Price From: $304.90


These kits offer a substantial improvement for the Lynx models with the P-Drive clutch. At the heart of these kits resides the SLP Magnum Force™ weights, these revolutionary weights provide a substantial improvement in belt pinch, for more acceleration and less belt slippage. They are also very easy to adjust for different conditions via externally accessible set screws. On short track models, these kits deliver instant throttle response with wicked acceleration. A firm grip on the bar is mandatory. It launches out of the hole with a one to two sled improvement and continued acceleration improvement to top speed. Hooking the track up is the next challenge. On naturally aspirated Mountain Models, these clutch kits complement the high torque 850 engines to provide immediate lift when playing in deep powder snow conditions. With low engagement and a confidence inspiring feel, the Lynx becomes one of the best all-around mountain sleds ever built. Turbo Models benefit from the revolutionary new SLP Magnum Force Ultra™ Weights (Patents Pending) with Adjustable Stall™ Technology (AST). These weights create a slingshot effect which substantially improves acceleration (+3 to 4 sled lengths) and performance with less belt heat on these turbo models. Each kit is extremely easy to adjust for different elevations, snow conditions or rider weight simply by adding or subtracting set screws from the weights without having to remove the weight from the clutch.

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