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Powder Pro Ski - Bottoms

SKU: powder-pro-bottoms


Powder Pro™ Ski bottoms are sold per each.

Price From: $125.95


The Powder Pro™ Ski is a good match for mountain riders who spend most of their time in deep powder snow off trail. The Powder Pro™ Ski is slightly more aggressive than the MoHawk Ski™. For serious mountain riders looking for control and flotation in the deep powder snow , this is the ski for you.

  • Maximum flotation with precise steering control.
  • Unique multi-level design to provide aggressive steering ability wiht minimal arm effort in a broad range of conditions.
  • Patented lower keel incorporates many design features found on the Straight Line Tracking (SLT) Ski™ to provide precise, easy steering with maximum reduction of darting on packed or groomed trails.
  • Patented vertical sidewall surface of the upper keel adds to the sidewall surface area of the lower keel to provide optimum steering control in deep powder or loose snow.
  • Compaction Control Technology directs the snow under the ski for maximum lift, keeping the ski on top of and parallel with the snow.
  • Reduces the tendency of "Nose Diving" during deceleration.


"The Powder Pro™ Ski gives me the confidence I need while competing in the RMSHA circuit. It allows me to turn without pushing in the corners and the sidehilling capabilities are incredible!" Keith Curtis #711




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Product Video

How to Install SLP Powder Pro Skis

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