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Holtzman Tempa-Flow

SKU: tempa-flow


Significant Improvement of Engine Efficiency and Performance

Price From: $174.00


The TEMPA FLOW automatically tunes multiple carburetors for changes in ambient temperature, maintaining more constant air/fuel mixture from 1/8 throttle to wide-open throttle. Using this regulator, a typical stock snowmobile running at +40ºF (+4ºC) ambient temperature will deliver 6% more horsepower while using 8% less fuel. Other "turn on" temperatures are available allowing its use on any carbureted engine. A manual adjustment provides for altitude compensation. An air jet kit is also available which can be used to slightly adjust the fuel flow verses termperatue curve.

A must for running at a broad range of temperatures.

All Polaris models with TM-38, TM-40 Mikuni Carbs with airbox venting order Part #14-294




 WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


No Instuction available.


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