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(Used) Magnum Force Ultra™ Clutch Weights for Ski-Doo Turbo and Lynx Turbo

SKU: 40-167U


Magnum Force Ultra™ Clutch Weights with AST Technology™ for Ski-Doo Turbo and Lynx Turbo

82.7grams to 98.9grams. Slightly Used.



This revolutionary new clutch weight delivers a slingshot effect when used on the new Ski-Doo Turbo. Its patents pending design applies the Turbo’s horsepower to the ground much more effectively by using Adjustable Stall Technology™ (AST). This SLP exclusive design allows the turbo to begin to spool quickly and then the Magnum Force Ultra™ Weight aggressively shifts to create exhaust heat, boost and ultimately power more quickly and transfers that power to the ground.

The key to this patents pending design resides in the “Launch Tube” that protrudes out of the bottom of the weight. At rest and in low speed modes, the mass of the Launch Tube is below the line perpendicular to the clutch. The mass located in this area reduces the initial shift force of the weight while the turbo is in naturally aspirated and low boost mode, yet applies that mass as added shift force when it shifts above the perpendicular plane. We have made this adjustable, so the initial shift force and duration can be varied by simply adding or subtracting mass and length to the Launch Tube.

This revolutionary new technology replaces the need to use engagement grinds on the weights and extremely high spring rates that are prone to loss of tension and breakage. It also places the appropriate shift force on the belt at all times, proving to be a far superior clutching solution for these Turbo sleds.


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