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Receiver Hitch Taper Holding Tool for Polaris UTV

SKU: 20-229


for All Polaris ACE, RZR, General and Ranger XP 900



This Receiver Hitch Clutch Holding Tool holds the primary clutch securely on the center shaft taper allowing you to disassemble and reassemble it with ease when servicing the spider, center bearing, or adjusting belt-to-sheave clearance. This tool is provided with a holding bolt and adapter making it universal for use on all ACE, RZR, General and Ranger models. The appropriate clutch puller for your model is necessary to remove the clutch from the taper tool once the service is complete.

Most Polaris UTV primary clutches have a center shaft that is threaded into the stationary sheave rather than a splined/pressed fit. When using the Polaris recommended holding fixture which will hold the primary clutch via the cooling fins on the backside of the stationary sheave, there is a chance of un-threading the center shaft from the stationary sheave when re-torquing the spider or spider jam nut. The Polaris service manual goes into detail that if the center shaft breaks loose and slightly un-threads from the stationary sheave, that the clutch can no longer be re-built. The Receiver Hitch Clutch Holding Tool holds the clutch by the taper on the center shaft rather than the cooling fins which completely removes the possibility of this issue.

This tool was designed specifically for the mechanic that does not have access to a bench vice that is solid mounted, but does have access to a vehicle with a 2" x 2" standard sized receiver hitch. When the tool is flipped, there is a mount plate that will allow the SLP Clutch Holding Fixture (#20-162, sold separately) or SLP Clutch Compression Tool (#20-230, sold separately) to be securely bolted down for ease of use.

Some Polaris models will have a jam nut above the spider and will require an SLP Spider Nut Tool (#20-214, sold separately) for proper jam nut removal/installation.

All Polaris models (Except RZR Turbo) will need an SLP Spider Tool (#20-75) to remove/install the spider in the primary clutch.


No Instuction available.


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