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Ceramic Coating Advantage

Ceramic Coating Advantage

At SLP we offer ceramic coating as standard equipment on many exhaust systems and as an option on most others. The key benefit of this ceramic coating is it insulates the pipe or silencer body to create more stable, consistent power. As an added bonus, it substantially reduces radiant heat from the pipe or silencer body. This results in a reduction of underhood temperatures for cooler intake air as well as cooler running fuel and ignition systems. It also reduces the chance of heat related damage to the belly pan and hood when used in severe conditions like breaking trail in deep snow. The high gloss appearance of this durable finish is an added bonus. It requires minimal maintenance to keep it looking good, and life expectancy is increased. Horsepower, quality and value as only SLP can provide.

Ceramic Coating

Restore that brand new look of your exhaust system with Ceramic coating. The high gloss appearance of this durable finish, along with the insulation benefits ceramic offers, makes for a great coating that requires minimal maintenance to keep your sled looking and performing sharply.

Caring for your ceramic coated pipes and/or silencer:

Ceramic Coating is an aluminum matrix applied to your exhaust system to provide a thermal barrier for more consistent performance. It is a coating which requires little maintenance to keep your pipes and/or silencer looking like new.

Upon completion of new installation, wipe the ceramic coated parts of the exhaust system down with brake cleaner. This will prevent oils and grease (usually in the form of fingerprints) from burning on and staining the exhaust during first initial startup.

To maintain your ceramic coated system, wash it with soap and water periodically (especially necessary after trailering it to and from your riding area on roads that have been treated with salt and other ice removing chemicals). Salt and other ice removing chemicals will attack and eat away at the ceramic coating. This will result in rust coming through the coating. Typically you will notice this rusting after your snowmobile has set for a period of time without the exhaust system being brought up to running temperature.

Periodically polish your ceramic coated pipes and/or silencer after each washing with an aluminum polish such as Mothers, Maas or Blue Magic aluminum polish that can be found at any automotive parts store. Do not use any acidic cleaners! For stubborn stains use fine 000 steel wool, then use a soft cloth with polish. Failure to maintain your ceramic coated pipes or silencer can result in damage to the ceramic coating for which there is no warranty coverage. A little care will insure that your pipes and/or silencer will continue looking like new for many years.

Note: In areas of the ceramic coated system where skin temperatures exceed 1300 degrees F, it is normal for the coating to turn dull gray. These areas should also be washed and polished periodically.

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