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Porting On Sale Now! 

Porting On Sale Now!Before you put your sled away for the summer send your cylinders into SLP and save 10% on porting.  Give us a call today and talk to us about porting for your sled!

New SLP Mohawk Ski!

Check out the new Mohawk Ski

Arctic Cat > Chassis
Hot Air Outlet Vents for 2012-14 Arctic Cat F, XF, ZR and M Chassis
These vents provide hot air escape from the chassis for cooler underhood temperatures which helps to maintain higher horsepower. The left side vent helps to keep the clutches running cool, which considerably reduces the chance for performance loss due...More Details
Arctic Cat > Exhaust - 800 Models
2010-11 M8, Crossfire800 & HCR Single Pipe Kit
Pump up your already impressive 2010-11 M8, Crossfire 8, or HCR with an additional 8.9 horsepower with this SLP Single Pipe Set. Not only does it provide great additional horsepower but it also reduces weight by a jaw dropping 18.5...More Details
Arctic Cat > Skis
Powder Pro™ Ski
 Maximum flotation with precise steering control.   Unique lower keel incorporates many design features found on the Straight Line Tracking (SLT) Ski to provide precise, easy steering with maximum reduction of darting on packed or groomed...More Details
Arctic Cat > Exhaust - 800 Models
2012-14 M8, M8000, F8, XF 800, XF 8000 & ZR 8000 Single Pipe Kit
This impressive single pipe from SLP is sure to make your buddies green with envy. It delivers an additional 8.5 horsepower peak and sheds a staggering 20.8 pounds of weight on 2014 models  (19 pounds of weight on 2012-13 models) . What...More Details
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